3BT Snowboarding

What it is


3BT, smooth like 1 2 3


Triple Base Technology divides the nose and tail in 3 sections: A left sidebase to turn left, a centerbase section to go straight and a right sidebase to turn right.

The up turned sidebases make initiating turns easier and faster, with less effort. The total uplift distance starts at zero under the bindings, growing to maximum at the widest points of the board. This puts the control under your feet without losing control outside the bindings.

As you initiate a turn the contact edge grows from your bindings to give a full traditional edge grip over the entire effective edge when fully committed.

The uplifted sidebases make your board forgiving when going straight (like a rocker) when you tilt the board to just a few degrees the full contact edge engages, without the torsional stress of a traditional camber board.

Because the board has no edge-to-edge concave between the bindings and a full tip-to-tail camber down the center of the board, you keep all the performance and control of a traditional camber board. At the same time, the angled sidebases give you the playfulness, forgiveness and powder float we have come to appreciate from rocker shapes.

3BT combines camber and rocker into one shape, and it actually works, but don’t believe us...


With enough pressure to engage the whole edge (just 2-3 degrees), the contact edge has the same shape as a traditional camber board, but the pressure is equal along the whole edge and no torsional stresses are introduced.


With a tiny amount of pressure, the sidebases start to engage near the bindings, but the pressure remains constant along the contact edge.


When riding on a flat base, only the centerbase section is in the snow, so the board travels in a straight line.

How it works




The concave shape continues all the way to the tip of board. After the contact edge ends, the sidebase uplift increases faster for an extra 3BT kick.


The concave nose with the extra 3BT side-base kick delivers extra float in POW.

This nose shape helps with smooth handling of rough and uneven terrain.

Tight transition are easier to negotiate with this nose shape.



The sidebase gets lifted gradually from the insert area to the widest points of the board. There is a full tip to tail camber running down the centerbase of the board.


The concaved shaped nose helps you to catch less edge and stick more jumps.

Lifted sidebases are awesome for fast turn initiation and fast edge to edge transitions.

The gradual increase in side- base angle give that unparalleled smooth riding feeling and non chattering carves.



The board is flat between the inserts from edge to edge.

There is camber between the inserts extending all the way down the centerbase into the nose and tail sections.


Having camber in your board means there is always energy loaded to help you pop or snap in and out of turns.

The full tip to tail camber distributes the pressure along the complete edge for more control.



The sidebase gets lifted gradually from the insert area to the widest points of the board. There is a full tip to tail camber running down the centerbase of the board.


The concaved tail combined with the loaded camber delivers explosive pop.

With uplift in the sidebases you are now initiating turns from your bindings and increasing the grip further out to the wide points as you get more radical in the turn. This is the complete opposite of how a flat board rides (and a lot smoother).



The concave shape continues all the way to the tail of board. After the contact edge ends, the sidebase uplift increases faster for an extra 3BT kick.


The extra kick after the contact edge helps you float more with out affecting the carving abilities.

Because of the dynamic shape you will experience less tail chatter when on edge

3BT flavors


JIB 3BT is perfect for jibbing and urban riding. JIB 3BT is completely symmetrical about the nose and tail to give a perfect true twin ride. It has the widest centerbase flat of all our 3BT flavors (and the narrowest sidebases). The extra centerbase width stabilizes your presses and butters. The sidebase 3BT uplift begins under your feet for a super loose and forgiving effect. JIB 3BT works with a very mellow, almost flat, camber to keep pressing easy but still give plenty of pop to your ollies.

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PARK 3BT is great for all kinds of park riding – kickers and jibs. The centerbase section remains wide, and the camber close to being flat, to keep those presses legit, but the slightly wider sidebases make these boards more stable at high speeds – just what is needed for solid kicker riding. This combination of center and sidebase geometry makes PARK 3BT perfect for boards that need high speed stability without losing any jib capabilities. PARK 3BT is symmetrical on the nose and tail for a true twin that performs the same forwards and switch.

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TWIN 3BT is perfect for those who expect a perfect balance between performance on jumps and jibs. To achieve this, we combined a more noticeable tip-to-tail camber with a reasonably wide centerbase section (the centerbase is slightly wider than the sidebases). TWIN 3BT therefore retains a wide enough centerbase for presses and landings to stay effortless and solid, but now that is more equally balanced with the requirement for the sidebases to be wide enough and the flat base contact lengths long enough to result in a board that is stable on high speed run ins. This makes TWIN 3BT suitable for riding all kinds of parks and terrain.

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Evil Twin

New for 1415 is ASYMMETRIC 3BT. [70530]This is an asymmetric version of TWIN 3BT. In this shape, the heel edge sidebase begins closer to the tips of the board than the toe edge sidebase. This results in a wider centerbase section between the feet on the heel edge, making that edge more stable when straight lining and during the very early stages of turn initiation. ASYM 3BT gives you more looseness where you can handle it (toe side) and more stability where you want it (heelside). ASYM 3BT is still symmetrical with respect to the nose and tail, so you get exactly the same benefits switch as forwards.

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FREESTYLE 3BT is the most 'all round' 3BT shape in our range. The width of the two sidebases and the centerbase are equal. The equal section widths give a symmetrical edge-to-edge concave, which is combined with a, now more aggressive, traditional tip to tail camber profile on the centerbase section to perfectly balance park riding and general cruising. Boards with FREESTYLE 3BT boast a longer contact length between the feet. FREESTYLE 3BT is still symmetrical about the nose and tail to give the same performance when riding switch as forwards. A ‘good-for-everything’ shape, with fast and free edge-to-edge looseness and agility and overall stability.

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ALL MOUNTAIN 3BT has a slightly narrower center flat base section than FREESTYLE 3BT and it’s camber profile is a bit more aggressive. Together with a longer flat section under the feet it delivers faster riding with superb response edge-to-edge and maximum stability at high speed. With a very slightly directional 3BT, the board is optimized to ride forwards, but is more than capable of performing switch when necessary. ALL MNTN 3BT does what it says on the tin: performs over the whole mountain. The extra uplift in the sidebases after the effective edge ends greatly improve the float in powder.

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The Jam

FREERIDE 3BT is designed especially for off piste charging and on piste carving. The narrowest center flat base width maximizes edge-to-edge agility and the widest 3BT sidebase wings, which also feature increased uplift angles on the nose, guarantees a superb float through even the deepest powder. Freeride 3BT features exclusively on boards with set back stances. The tail 3BT is set back by the same amount as the stance, to keep the control of the board between your feet and the 3BT sidebases are fully directional, with shorter sections on the tail to put more turning power over your back foot. The tail 3BT is also slightly tapered allowing you to power out of turns, lofting massive powder clouds.

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POW 3BT is 3BT on steroids, with everything maxed out to get that feeling of surfing powder. The same narrow center flat base width as FREERIDE 3BT, but with insane uplift angles on the nose sidebases to give you effortless float no matter how deep it gets! The tail 3BT is again set back in line with the stance and features flatter uplift angles and a tapered width, which works with the camel toe shape to put the riders weight right over the back foot without them having to lean back and ensures that more powder is put up into the air on each turn. Unlike most powder specific shapes out there, POW 3BT still holds its own when you find yourself on a slope, where it carves like a dream and is very playful too!

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3BT Advantages

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