camel toe

Fully directional in both contact and outline shape, the CAMEL TOE is designed for floating effortless through powder. A REACTOR CORE delivers power equally along the edges, making the CAMEL TOE very stable for a board with an overall soft-mid flex. POW TBT is TBT taken to the max for crazy powder surfing! The broadest and highest TBT wings plus insane side base angles on the nose section makes it practically impossible to submarine! A stubby tail, gentler TBT angles and a set back stance puts more weight automatically over your back foot, making float easier and giving your turns a ‘gas peddle effect’ for maximum powder clouds. Unlike other powder specific boards this board will also perform when taken to the slopes...



  • Pow TBT

    pow tbt

    POW TBT is TBT taken to the max for crazy powder snow surfing. Set way back with insane TBT angles in the nose keeps you floating no matter how hard you drive your pow turns. Meanwhile, the short Camel Toe tail keeps the pressure on your back foot as you throw those sprays.

    FEATURED ON: camel toe & Whitegold Shaka

  • precise pattern


    The 4x2/20 insert pack enables you to put your bindings on with scientific precision.

  • reactor core


    Poplar core with hardwood enforcements along the sidewalls. The hardwood along the edge makes you deliver your turns with precision and power.

  • bi ax laminate


    Bi-ax laminates over and under the woodcore creates an easy flex with lots of feel.

  • extruded base


    Easy to repair and can take a good beating. Low maintenance, still slides well with irregular waxing (but waxing is always recommended of course!).

  • lightning edge

    lightning edge

    Thinner Lightning Edges enable you to carve with more feeling and precision.

  • backseat inserts

    backseat inserts

    Backseat inserts let you drop your stance all the way back so you can keep riding on those deep, deep days.

  • 00


  • 02


  • 02


  • 07

    all mtn

  • 11


  • 04



153 158 162
contact length (cm) 121 126 128
tip/tail width (mm) 308/288313/294318/298
waist width (mm) 257 261 264
setback (mm) 20 20 20
sidecut radius (m) 8.80 9.10 9.30
inserts 20 20 20
stance width (mm) 510-590520-600530-6510
tbt type outline shape contact shape stiffness (1-10)
pow tbt directional directional 4

I ride mt baker about 50 to 75 days a season, the camel toe was my board of choice for powder days over a foot of fresh. I have now been riding the Omni on all of the good days and I absolutely love it. I rode it in 14" a couple weeks ago and I was completely amazed all over again, once you ride directional in deep powder its hard going back. TBT floats in powder better than a flat board with whatever camber rocker combo you please, everyone must try for themselves. Coming from l#bt@#$%s these boards are top quality. Must Recommend.Pat F

Hello, I am from Korea. The Camel Toe is amazing. KOREA

Simon Pegg loves Camel Toe

Simon Pegg loves Camel Toe

We are super happy to see comedy series and film star Simon Pegg giving Jenny Jones props on twitter for her Olympic bronze medal, brandishing a Camel Toe! Considering the snowy conditions, he couldn't have chosen a better board. You could even use one to escape from zombies .... to the pub!

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'Changes' with DBK

Struggling to get through Friday at work? Watched more urban snowboarding this week than is good for you? Well Isenseven's 'Changes' is the medication you need - 3 minutes of sick powder shots from DBK, Stephan "Mu" Maurer and friends that is guaranteed to get your stoke on! Enjoy:

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Mike "Aemka" Knobel presents SWISS ARTSY KNIFE

Just like the famous Swiss Army Knife, Mike "Aemka" Knobel is a jack of all trades and arguably the only snowboarder to single-handedly make an entire movie solely with his own creative and athletic powers. Only the filming was left to a handful of talented friends and professionals such as Tom Elliott, Patrick Salama, Daniel Loosli and many more. Follow Aemka on his path living a life full of snow, paint, pixels and drum-machines in a never ending quest to perfect his craft.

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