The backbone of Bataleon’s True Twin range, we made the EVIL TWIN even better by softening the core a little. The CORE CORE guarantees that the board remains very poppy and super stable. A true twin shape with TWIN TBT, the EVIL TWIN is equally at home on big park kickers and backcountry booters. It carves like a dream on groomers and thanks to the soft-mid flex the EVIL TWIN can also take on rails and smash powder runs. The EVIL TWIN is the board for total park domination.



  • twin TBT

    twin tbt

    TWIN TBT is great for park riding because the wider center base stabilizes your jumps and railslides. the TBT lift on the side base gives a super loose and forgiving feel.

    FEATURED ON: Boss, Evil Twin, Distortia & Riot

  • party pattern

    24 inserts

    The 4x2/24 insert pack makes every time you put your binding on a party. Wide stance range with fine tuning.

  • core core


    Poplar core with hardwood enforcements along the insert rows. This increases the core strength of your board and channels all energy into more pop.

  • tri ax laminate


    Tri-ax laminates over and under the core delivers precision in your riding.

  • sintered base

    sintered base

    Fast as F*ck. Great wax absorption and tough as nails. This base comes with factory wax infused. Wax your sintered base regulary to get the most out of it.

  • lightning edge

    lightning edge

    Thinner Lightning Edges enable you to carve with more feeling and precision.

  • 07


  • 09


  • 10


  • 08

    all mtn

  • 07


  • 04



149 152 154 156W 157 159W
contact length (cm) 112 114 116 118 119 120
tip/tail width (mm) 285 288 291 305 296 308
waist width (mm) 246 249 251 264 255 266
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.65 7.80 7.90 8.05 8.10 8.15
inserts 24 24 24 24 24 24
stance width (mm) 495-615500-620505-625510-630510-630520-640
tbt type outline shape contact shape stiffness (1-10)
twin tbt twin twin 4

I'm still riding (season 2014) my Evil Twin from 2007 and I freakin love it even more for every season. Works great on everything from rails to powder and I will never buy a new board unless it has TBT!!Petter

I'm a level 2 CASI instructor and I would recommend a Bataleon. Great in the park and all over the mountain. I ride an Evil Twin.. sick board. Dalton

Got an Evil Twin and took it out today for the first time and it kicks more ass than Jackie Chan on speed. If I ever buy another board it will be Bataleon period. Fred

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