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“GOTA say this is the best board made today ...we need to re-tool”

White Magic

“I started boarding in 2015, using a Burton - catching edge after edge. This year, 2016, I bought a Bataleon Whatever board (and a fun.kink), no edge catches thanks to the TBT and my boarding progressed so much. I flipping love it. The board has a nice mound of flex, looks fantastic, easy to ride. You become brand loyal when you get a Bataleon board, I love them and can't wait to see their new lines. I'd love to try more boards! Magic Carpet, The Jam, Evil Twin, and beyond!!!”


“Best board i have had, super light and great for everything. Used it in park and pow and works perfect.
it is also superfast:-)”


“No joke, best board out there.
Wanna run crazy tight trees? Done.
Want to blast down big mnt. bowls? Easy.
Get funky in bounds? Ain't no thing.
I've put this up against everything the industry can throw at it, and to date, nothing has touched it. This board can do everything in style, and believe me, I'm on my third one.”

Pierre Martineau

“Crazy !!! Got an Airobic and Fun.kink before that one and the G.W takes the best of both Airobic and Fun.kink. Perfect for freestyle of course but also incredible in the powder, it goes surprisingly well.
Awesomeness : 10”


“Best board ever. Light av with great pop, good looking also.”


“Took this board for my first rides in the Norwegian off-piste and was absolutely blown away. I have never ridden anything so smooth, fast, light, and effortless etc. in powder. I can see why it's is aptly named "Magic Carpet" because I was floating most of the way down. It made the entire day an unforgettable experience, and I can confidently say this is the best board I've ever owned.”


“First of all I love TBT and have ridden TBT boards for 4-5 years now. The ET asym is a good board but im not sure I like the asym, since the board feels shorter on the heel side it is not that much better grip at least not when you carve. For me personally I like the normal boards better and it just feels a little off when I carve and do butters on boxes.
But I have not tried the board in icy conditions, it might be better on that.


“BEST RAIL BOARD EVER MADE.................”

Aleix Gallimo

“The Jam got my soul. I came from Downhill skateboarding and I was looking for the same speed feeling, for push the board on the limit of the grip, and make fast twists.
But also a great board for the pow days.
That's an awesome mix!”


“2014 Goliath is perfect for the deep pow here at Bigwhite. Triple base is making me ride like a pro! My kids agree to ride with me again.”

Lorenz Richard

“Rode it on the weekend and it blow me away. I am snowboarding over 24 years but this is the best board I have ever ridden in powder and on slope - hands down.”

Tyler Kinghorn

“I bought the Evil Twin after riding a cheap board for three seasons.
Her maiden voyage was at Sunshine Village. We rode up the gondola to the first chair, and I was surprised at how much control I had with only my front foot in the bindings.
My first impression when I strapped in was the flex- she wasn't nearly as stiff as the board I had been riding.
My second impression was how responsive she was when I started carving down the hill- it was effortless, as easy as breathing. I was able to switch with no problem whatsoever.
Then, we hit the powder. She was able to coast through smoothly, and I was able to manage moguls pretty damn well.
When we tried the park, she performed just as well. With the side bases lifted up, it was damn near impossible to catch an edge landing a jump. I'm not great at rails so I can't say much about her performance there, but all around, the best board I have ever ridden.”

Engin Kafadar

“Today got it frist whitegold north...:)”


“This is the 3rd revision of this board which is strapped to my feet since 4 seasons. If you like riding hard boards, who still give you the ability to do Big Jumps and a couple of Rails in the Park, then this is yours. Don't get me wrong it's still possible to do some nice butters, but you just gotta put a lot of skills to it. I am a super agressive rider, this board is a killer machine while going at the speed limit on the slopes, no flattering, no catching edges, just unlimited speed. Friends asked me many times if they could test ride the board and all were stoked with the speed. Now lets talk about the Freeriding feeling, this board is sick in pow, I've done so many redicoulus line with it and have to say it's amazing, floats well and has the speed you need to overcome some of the flats. For me this is my all mountain weapon, I would not recommend this to intermediate riders, because I think you'd do better with a bit softer board like the Goliath. One last word, I am being asked a few times why I don't ride Burton, let me say this, Bataleon gives me much better value for the money and their service is great. A previous board had issues with the base and it was replaced immediately after providing some pictures. I won't mention the TBT as you have to test for yourself, it's tough to explain the advantages. All I can say that I have much less catching edges while doing Pro Kicker lines than ever before.”

Alexei Sapsford

“The name of this board is apt for it. Feels super stable on pretty much any terrain. I've ridden it for 8 days now and even though I'm a tall guy (6'2"/188cm) was feeling very comfortable at 50mph+ on this board. Seems a lot lighter than some of my other boards and even with the stability, has enough flex to have some fun with. Very buttery when it needs to be. Runs wider than regular 156 boards which works well for us big footed people.”

Jaymez Clark

“When I walked into the shop asking recommendations for a board, the shop keep dived at the Evil Twin, and I can totally see why. This board is sick. End of. Stop reading reviews and go buy one.”

Jack Gren

“Been stoked on 3BT ever since I bought a Locust in 2008...which, years later, I replaced with an Undisputed. I've also owned a Riot and, currently, a GW. Looking forward to riding my new 2016 Disaster. Keep in mind that Bataleons are a bit stiffer than other brands at the same stiffness number and you can't go wrong.”

Martijn Timmermans

“Great board for jibbers and park rats, I have been riding this board for one year now. And it just shreds!

Very nice flex, and a sweet pop. The TBT make this board also very forgiving.”


“Bought my first kink last year....awesome board, good for everything you want to do...i really don't want anything else...”


“This board will make you feel all kinds of better. Got it a couple of years ago. Really versatile, floats on powder, well up to knee deep (maybe not so much in waist deep!) and is a super fun board on a resort, although I've had my struggles carving with it on hard pack icy groomers with it. Overall, made me happy. My roomate kept borrowing it, she seemed to like it! Thinking of buying a new board and here I am looking up the same one... again!”

Mike Brindley – Whitelines

“When you first strap in to this one, you can instantly tell where its strengths lie. Pressing and spinning on a spot are as easy as it gets, and the Jib 3BT has nice wide and stable balance points at the nose and tail.

As it’s at the soft end of Bataleon’s spectrum, it’s also pretty obvious what the board is not intended for. That large flat surface area and pliable flex combine to make things difficult if you’re trying to power through choppy terrain, and holding course at high speed can be an issue – so it’s definitely not an all-rounder.

Nevertheless, if you take the Disaster as a jib specialist (as you should), you are unlikely to be disappointed. The price point is reasonable, hang-ups are non-existent, and trick control is handed to you on a plate.”

Darren Williams –

“When I first got on an Evil Twin I thought it was going to be a soft, playful jib stick. I was wrong. It’s a medium flex, cambered snowboard with plenty of pop that is best suited to lapping the park and all-mountain freestyle.

Bataleon have never entertained the concept of ‘rocker’ in their snowboards – and they don’t need to, as the side bases are lifted up from the snow at the contact points, making it almost impossible to catch an edge.

It’s great for newbies, and also for riders who are trying new tricks and are sick and tired of smashing themselves to bits in the process.”

Chris Strurgess –

“This is the board that finally won me over to Bataleon. In the past I’ve found their Triple Base Technology a little loose and sketchy on ice, but the finely-tuned version on the Magic Carpet makes it a very stable and fun snowboard.

The tech and shaping has been taken from last years’ Whitegold Proto, and the resulting board is floaty, super light, poppy, and begs you to mess about and try new things.

Whether its in tight trees, off side hits or ripping down the piste, the Magic Carpet flies over everything”

Mike Smith

“The guy in the store (EVO) told me that on Bataleon you get best of both worlds due to the 3D base (3BT) Lose and forgiving like rocker but the stability of a cambered board. Sounded to good to be thru but it really is. This G.W. is a real jibboard but is still does perform really good on medium sized jumps and even carves better than any board I've ridden before. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a Jibboard that does more than just that.”

Henk van Hattem

“This is the most fun I ever had on a snowboard. It makes so much sense to ride twin in pow. So fun to do 180s and butters and kick up pow every which way. super easy to land cliff jumps. Also use it in the park and its great on side hits.”

Chris Cartwright

“WOOOOW.... What can I say, I took this away at the end of last season to the Alps and loved every minute of it. everyone in the group had a go and everyone loved it, short so turns on a knife edge, floats like a dream in powder, runs fast and straight on the piste and even took it in the park! the board flex was really forgiving and made an outstanding playful, smile on your face ride.”


“I have 2013 Whatever, whats to say looks good, carver almost by itself, jumps and trick friendly and quite light I think ... veeery satisfied!”


“I have changed to a Lobster board now but bought a Bataleon Airobic 3 years ago and it is was great, really like TBT boards.”

Dan Boom

“My first Bataleon, a 2013-2014 Riot 159W, made me so thrilled when nuking down the mountain shredding and playing like a dolphin I was close to the point of hysterical laughing and crying at the same time, from pure extacy :-) Y3/H 4 iT!”