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“I have 2013 Whatever, whats to say looks good, carver almost by itself, jumps and trick friendly and quite light I think ... veeery satisfied!”


“I have changed to a Lobster board now but bought a Bataleon Airobic 3 years ago and it is was great, really like TBT boards.”

Dan Boom

“My first Bataleon, a 2013-2014 Riot 159W, made me so thrilled when nuking down the mountain shredding and playing like a dolphin I was close to the point of hysterical laughing and crying at the same time, from pure extacy :-) Y3/H 4 iT!”


“The Bataleon Disaster is absolutely the most fun I have had on a snowboard to date! I highly recommend this deck to anyone!!”

Eric J

“I straight forward Love the Global Warmer and the Boss... I have owned well over 30 boards and for park, mtn, under a foot of pow they do great! For progressing riding switch the tbt is the best out of the 15 boards I've tried at my local mtn demo days when all the reps come and let you check out next years gear. The boat like shape helps me progress without rocker. I've always liked camber boards, so that's why I enjoy them so much. Thanks for making fun playful snowboards that seem to be stable and have a solid base. I used to only ride the B company boards and they were good, however I didn't progress as fast as I wanted.”


“Hallo. Kann nur gutes über dieses Board berichten. Bin das Omni 163 jetzt ca. 3 Wochen gefahren, ich war sehr viel im Powder und Abseits unterwegs, und hatte noch nie etwas geileres unter den Füßen als dieses Board. Egal ob Powder, Off Piste, oder auf der Piste Heitzen oder doch nur Carven, es geht einfach alles mit dem Teil. Bataleon macht meiner Meinung nach die geilsten Boards. Das nächste wird bestimmt wieder ein TBT Board.”



Pat F

“I ride mt baker about 50 to 75 days a season, the camel toe was my board of choice for powder days over a foot of fresh. I have now been riding the Omni on all of the good days and I absolutely love it. I rode it in 14" a couple weeks ago and I was completely amazed all over again, once you ride directional in deep powder its hard going back. TBT floats in powder better than a flat board with whatever camber rocker combo you please, everyone must try for themselves. Coming from l#bt@#$%s these boards are top quality. Must Recommend.”


“I'm still riding (season 2014) my Evil Twin from 2007 and I freakin love it even more for every season. Works great on everything from rails to powder and I will never buy a new board unless it has TBT!!”


“The 2013-14 Goliath is an amazing board!I did my first proper 360 on it. So STOKED!!!!. BATALEON is AWESOME AND THE TBT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Edu Koa

“I bought a disaster few months ago and I couldn´t be happier. It´s faster on track than I thought and It´s very light and responds to all kinds of tricks.”


“I’m riding a 146 2013 Distortia and I love it!! It is definitely a park board. It is my 2nd year riding park and it find that it rides very well (I’ve been riding mountain for 14 years) The edges don’t catch, it jumps well and it makes me feel confident to try new tricks and keep pushing myself. My previous board is a 2006 Salomon Ivy (rated a freestyle board (2 of 5) with a mid flex range (2.5 of 5)) and compared to that, this board feels soft between the bindings, but the pop in the tail is great once you get the hang of it. That goes for the TBT base too. The heel turns throw you off sometimes when riding mountain since you need to lean a bit more for the edge to catch. It also makes it kind of crappy on ice (I ride on the East coast). When this board meets ice, it stands no chance, so find myself breaking out my old Ivy for mountain riding. Icy days are no kind of fun. If there is a bit of snow left on the hill or the ice is a bit soft, it can perform though, but it’s sketchy. However this board is incredibly fun to ride otherwise. It is very playful and it just puts a smile on my face.

I don’t find it a fast board. The softness makes it a bit unresponsive when riding mountain at speed and it chatters a bit. I find if performs much better on the mountain if you are scoping for fun features to jib off of and just fool around in general.

Being on the East coast, I can’t say how it performs in powder.

It rides switch beautifully. I’m glad for the different icons on the nose and tail because it helps me figure out which direction I usually ride as I get confused sometimes. Yes, the switch rides that well!

I ride it with Rome Madison Boss bindings and 86FT ThirtyTwo boots and they pair beautifully with it. I have tried the board with my old Ride Ex bindings (also of the 2006 era and not women’s specific) and I find they are too stiff for the board. The board really loses some of its playfulness with the stiffer bindings.

I would completely recommend this board to any girl who wants to ride park with some mountain in between.”

Martin To

“I have the 2013 Global Warmer. I keep going back to it despite trying others.

It always has been my 'go to' board”

Patricio Villanueva

Hace unos meses lei con atencion sus consejos y las caracterisyocas de sus tablas y adquiri junto a un amigo dos tablas, una Whatever y una Airobic Wide, ambas de 156 mod 2013, las probamos en Las Leñas y en Bariloche aqui en Argentina y sin dudas son unas tablas excelentes, permiten realizar todo tipo de trucos y son muy divertidas, sin dudas seguire con la marca !!! Felicitaciones por el gran producto que realizan y el famoso TBT que es fenomenal!

Karl Hughes

“CAMEL TOE & JAM...sounds like an interesting combo.Chamonix, Argentiere,Tignes & Val d'iser 6 weeks of boarding on and off piste 12/13. Am I going to buy a new board for 13/14...aye! probably an ENEMY...Bataleon, I would not now ride anything else...CAMEL TOE & JAM...oh yes please.”


“I have never felt so comfortable going so fast through so much terrain as I do on my Goliath. Two seasons into it, it's tough as hell, and it lets me cover the entire mountain (e.g, all of Whistler / Blackcomb) without ever feeling sketched out.

I would never put anything else on my feet.”


“I'm a level 2 CASI instructor and I would recommend a Bataleon. Great in the park and all over the mountain. I ride an Evil Twin.. sick board.”


“my all boards was Bataleon. And this year my dear "Fun.Kink" is coming. #winteriscoming”

Jeanine Verpoorten

“I tested the Bataleon whatever during the Dutch week in Valtho and what an experience it was! It is really a great board for whatever you want to ride!”


“Hello, I am from Korea. The Camel Toe is amazing.”


“Heard a lot of good stuff about your boards. Gotta have one next season.


“I got a Disaster for Christmas this year and i have been loving it ever since i HIGHLY recommend it. Very flexible and great for everything that i love to do in the park.”


“I just bought the bataleon goliath 156cm and tried it last week on perfect spring conditions in French alpes . TBT is amazing, that's a pure feeling . I have tried it and I keep it ! never ride such a thing, the best I ever tried.”


“I really love my 2010 Enemy+++. Fast, very light, stable and edge hold is incredible. I hope Bataleon make Enermy+++ perfect twin because I like to do switch ride/skate/spin. Right now I had to move one of my bindings to different holes to make it look like a twin. I use this board almost everywhere except moguls (That's Airobic's turf).”

Jake (kubko)

“Bataleon is truly making the best boards in the industry in my opinion. With the eternal war of base profiles, bataleon gives the stability of full-length camber, but with the float of rocker with the TBT. Their boards are exactly how I think a snowboard should feel. yeah for it!”


“Bought my 1st board this season its a Global Warmer and I defo made the right choice... This board can do it all”

New Mexico Rider

“bataleon snowboards are the best snowboards ever.... and ever is a really long time”


“the 2 days i had on my new 2013 riot were amazing (apart from the massive crash), can't wait to heal so i can get back out on the white stuff ... tbt, yeah for it :)”

sam slam

“I used to have a quiver of 6 boards, tbt made all but the race board completely obsolete, the jam is a quiver of one. Now i wonder how tbt would be on a race/alpine/freecarve board would be? tbt don't make boards slower, that's for sure..”

sam slam

“my testicles were really swollen, so i went to the doc. after a bunch of negative tests he asked if i had recently gotten a bataleon, when i said yes he said "you have a case of TBT affliction, it gives you HUGE BALLS! don't worry, girls will say YEAH FOR IT!"”