“WHITEGOLD represents the pinnacle of high end allmountain snowboarding. Researched and Developed in Whistler BC and hand made in Austria with only the best materials we can get our hands on, to give you a next level snowboarding experience.

The WHITEGOLD line is focused on allmountain snowboarding because at WHITEGOLD we believe in riding the whole mountain with one board that works everywhere.”

- Kevin Sansalone,
Whitegold snowboards

Proto 151

We invite you to push it further with us. For this we started a new project within WHITEGOLD called + U.

The Proto +U board range is intended to be a test bed for new shapes, technologies and ideas in all mountain snowboard design. Each year our prototype board which contains all our latest ideas on board design is available in one size only, chosen to be the intended length for the average height and weight user.

Owners can become involved in the research and development process if they wish by providing feedback on the performance of their +U Prototype board under our new +U program. In return, owners will receive a 35% discount voucher for the next seasons model of any board they are involved with.