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About Us

Chances are you didn’t get into snowboarding to win medals or break world records. If you ask us, snowboarding should be about having as much fun as possible.

We take that idea seriously at Bataleon. Not a day goes by that we aren’t thinking of ways to improve the snowboarding experience for riders of all ability levels. For more then 15 years, Bataleon has led the industry in 3D shape technology. We’ve perfected our patented Triple Base Technology™, producing boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points, making snowboarding more enjoyable for all.

It’s an exciting time in snowboarding. As other brands bring 3D shapes to market, our philosophy is legitimized and we are reminded that our efforts have always been to provide snowborders across the globe a better riding experience. We’ve been dedicated to making snowboarding more fun since day one.

Smile! It’s snowboarding.

Mountain Test Lab

mountain test lab

The Bataleon Mountain Lodge sits deep in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Tucked away at the narrowest part of the valley at the base of towering mountains, the lodge sits between one of Europe’s best terrain parks and one of Austria’s best freeride resorts. With the mighty Dachstein Glacier around the corner, it is perfectly suited to test our gear and inventions in any conditions imaginable. We spend most of our winter at the lodge riding and testing with the team, ever dedicated to find new ways to innovate and improve our line and push the envelope in 3D snowboard shaping.

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