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Alexander Klerud.

Norwegian Alexander Klerud has a fresh style and loose approach to riding. He’s a full time romantic, part time snowboarder, pizza-loving dude who is sure to brighten up any situation.

Alexander's Quiver

Alexander's Measurements

Height: 5’9” (1.77m)

Weight: 163lbs (74kg)

Boots Size: 9 US (42.5)

What Alexander Says

Evil Twin 154

"The ET is a perfect allround park board, you can do all your evil stuff of jumps and jibs, and also twin it around rails."

Global Warmer 154

"The GW is a pretty soft board, perfect for rails, but it also good on the jumps. It has insane good pop, and you can press and twist it on the rails. It's pretty responsive and aggressive, if you like to go fast in the park. Works perfect in the streets too."

Wallie 151

"The wallie is a soft park board. The shape is so sick and works perfect from doing small wallies and presses on the rails, also on smaller jumps and fun jibs, but its a killer on the rails for sure."