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Ethan Morgan.

Born on an American army base in Japan and raised in Germany, Ethan Morgan is as unique as they come. From representing the German national team in halfpipe as a grom to award winning video part segments to dj’ing the hottest parties in Monaco, Ethan “DJ Blueman” Morgan can do it all.

Ethan's Quiver

Ethan's Measurements

Height: 5’9” (1.75m)

Weight: 154lbs (70kg)

Boots Size: 9 US (42.5)

What Ethan Says

Goliath 159

"One hell of a beast."

Surfer 159

"Shaka Bro!"

Evil Twin 157

"That classic banger board that works for everything and everyone."

Whatever 157

"Whatever you want"

Wallie 151

"Nothing is in your way, just wallie that shit"

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Ethan Rides Whatever

Whatever Bro

slide image

Ethan Rides Goliath

Very Nice!

slide image

Ethan Rides Wallie

Fuck Yeah!