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Ron Forth.

Originally from New York, Ron Forth has called Mammoth Mountain home for a number of years. If he’s not blowing minds with his innovative riding in the Unbound Park then you will catch him working the floor at the iconic Wave Rave shop in downtown Mammoth Lakes.

Ron's Quiver

Ron's Measurements

Height: 178cm (5’10”)

Weight: 72kg (160lbs)

Boots Size: 10.5 US (44)

What Ron Says

Boss 154

"A responsive ride that will be there when you want it on the big jump/jib lines"

Camel Toe 158

"The go to powder board, effortless pow turns no matter how deep the snow and a nice long nose to keep you afloat."

Disaster 153 WIDE

"Jibbing stick. Serious flex and a big lock in spot for pressing it out in the park or street."