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Shayne Pospisil.

Spending equal time in the ocean getting barreled on his surfboard, this New Jersey native can do it all. Shayne competed as a quarter pipe specialist in his younger days, but has turned his focus to backcountry riding in recent years.

Shayne's Quiver

Shayne's Measurements

Height: 5’9” (1.75m)

Weight: 185lbs (84 kg)

Boots Size: 9.5 US (43)

What Shayne Says

Magic Carpet 156

"My favorite for resort pow days especially if it gets tracked out quick. The MC handles the bumps and still gives you a smooth ride."

Party Wave 154

"The best short pow board I’ve ever ridden with the shorter shape allowing to make tighter tree riding fun and with the big TB3 nose you never have to worry about leaning back again."

The Surfer 154

"Fun for pow and resort groomers with the big 3BT swallow tail sit back in pow or rip turns and not have a worry."