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Tobias Hjertonsson.

Born in Sweden and living in Norway, this Scandinavian has the tech skills to impress and the style to back it up. He’s down to party and will send it off the mountain just as hard as he does in the park.

Tobias's Quiver

Tobias's Measurements

Height: 5’8” (1.78m)

Weight: 158lbs (72kg)

Boots Size: 9 US (42.5)

What Tobias Says

Global Warmer 154

"Pretty soft but you can still hit the biggest things in the park. Works great in the streets too!"

Boss 154

"Amazing board, pretty hard but works great all over the mountain from icy too deep pow!"

Wallie 154

"Supercool graphic and so fun to jib around with. Perfect for the street!"