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Tor Lundstrom.

Swedish powerhouse Tor Lundstrom is blazing his own path. After years on the contest circuit he shifted gears to focus on filming. His web series Beyond Medals quickly amassed a cult like following and has grown into a brand of its own. We are excited to partner with Tor on a Beyond Medals Goliath and help support his vision.

Tor's Quiver

Tor's Measurements

Height: 5’10” (1.79m)

Weight: 159lbs (70kg)

Boots Size: 9.5 US (43)

What Tor Says

Beyond Medals x Bataleon board 156, 158 Wide & 159

"I think this is the ultimate allround board. I use it in different sizes for backcountry riding, resort carving, street riding and park jumps/rails. Its got a powerful response yet not too stiff to be playful in whatever terrain."

Surfer 159

"The closest you can get to the feeling of surfing on snow.. Love this board in deep pow but it works surprisingly good for carving too. A really different board in the most positive sense."

Carver 158

"Extremely stiff and powerful board. With the right conditions which I would say is freshly groomed not to soft slopes this board opens up another level of carving if you can handle it. Fast and powerful."