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Toshiki Yamane.

Somewhat of an enigma, Japanese style god and Manga loving Toshiki Yamane rides with an exceptional aura of confidence and calmness that is unparalleled by other riders. Always taking a calculated approach, Toshiki can do almost anything on his snowboard.

Toshiki's Quiver

Toshiki's Measurements

Height: 5’6” (1.68m)

Weight: 136lbs (62kg)

Boots Size: 9 US (42.5)

What Toshiki Says

Whatever 151 & 154

"Whatever is perfect shape for me! This board need riders skill but I think all round board. Softness..poping timing..it’s sooo feel good. Simply my favorite board!"

Evil Twin 154

"Evil twin is a strong park/big jump/bc jump high speed also reliable one. I’m choosing every year. It gives me great ollie pop and solid landing because of its nice waist width and flex. If you want to go big, pick Evil!"

Magic Carpet 154

"magic carpet is crazy!! this is revolution!! Because it's powder board!! but no need set back. when I using that feel like a boat, it's so fun!"


"Its softer flex makes all your move smooth and quick even if you are riding on slow speed. Incredibly quick response is ideal for jibs and ground trick. 15m long kicker, no problem of course!"

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Toshiki Rides Evil Twin


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Toshiki Rides GW