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Ride The Future

We stand behind our unique and patented 3D shapes. Ever dedicated to producing a better snowboard, we have updated and perfected Triple Base Technology™ over the past 16 years. We now have the most experience in 3D snowboard shaping and we offer the widest range of 3D shaped boards. Your next snowboard should have Triple Base.

The Idea.

Created by nature or designed by man, the most successful designs take into consideration the forces they will be submitted to. When we were developing 3BT™ we analyzed how snowboards look when put under pressure. What happens when you drive it through a transition or jam it through a turn? Triple Base happens. Triple Base is the pre-shaped form of a board in motion, and just like the wings of a plane or the hull of a boat is curved to perform, best your snowboard should also be shaped for its environment.

Watch How It Works

The Shape.

After lots of research, analyzing, tinkering, and testing, we came up with our patented 3BT™ shaping technique. All our boards feature tip to tail positive camber in combination with lifted contact points at the widest parts of the board. Over the years we perfected 3BT™ to best perform for every kind of riding by fine tuning the synergies between the flat base, side bases, radii and camber.

shape image
  • Flat Base Riding
  • Turn Initiation
  • On Edge

The widest section of the board is lifted off the snow while riding flat based allowing you to ride straight without catching edges or needing to keep your edges engaged.

3bt tech board

Maximum Uplift.

The amount of base uplift reaches its maximum at the widest part of the board creating a planing surface that cuts through rough terrain and improves float in powder.

maximum uplift

Increasing Uplift From Bindings To Widest Point.

Sidebase uplift gradually increases outside of the bindings to the contact points. The gradual rise creates smooth transition zones for turning and buttering, and the raised contact points makes the board less susceptible to edge catch.

maximum uplift

Stable Centerbase No Sidebase Uplift.

There is no base uplift under or between the bindings. This creates a stable area of control underfoot.

3BT Flavors.

  • Jib
  • Twin
  • Twin Pow
  • Freestyle
  • Freeride
  • Pow
board drawing

3rd Generation JIB 3BT™ featuring SideKick™is tuned with a wide centerbase and the shortest section of sidebase uplift in our line. The uplift angle is low and begins outside the bindings for precision control with less hang-ups. The wide centerbase offers a stable platform to press, load up ollies and put down landings. Perfect for urban, jib and park driven riders.


bomb hills faster image

Edges create friction, hold heat and don’t hold wax—all of which slow you down. 3BT™ boards accelerate faster and maintain speed when pointed straight because the lifted sidebases have a shorter overall edge contact and reduce drag. This helps you coast along cat tracks faster, clear jumps and pass skiers on powder days.

catch less edge image

The uplifted edges at the contact points reduces the chance of edge catch. The sidebase lift at the contact points disperses pressure evenly along the edge, therefore allowing for a smoother, more controlled ride. This also makes the tips more forgiving for butters and more lenient on less-than-perfect landings.

lightning edges image

When laid on edge, the uplifted edge and base sections form a more cohesive arc and contact with the snow surface. A smooth and secure arc means more powerful turns. As the board is rolled side to side, the edge uplift offers a more fluid transition from edge to edge. This makes slower turns easier, faster turns more solid, and carving full circles on corduroy more complete.

stick more jumps image

The 3BT™ tips and contact points are less likely to dig and catch on landings. Reduced edge bite at the tips allows the board to automatically track back to going straight, meaning you can ride away from not-so-perfect landings.

power pop image

The shaped tips boost the pop power of positive camber. When the tail (or nose) is flexed and compressed for an ollie the forces are directed towards the centerbase of the tail (or nose) and amplified. This gives added spring to the board’s powerful camber backbone.

freaky float image

The hull-like tip shape has inherent floating, planing and plowing properties similar to a boat or progressive surfboard shape. The shape allows the front to rise out of soft snow, and while making it easier to sink the tail, offering a more comfortable riding position in deep snow.

terrorize trannies image

The beveled tips have less drag and generate a smoother glide up and down transitions while still maintaining control. This means faster, smoother and more predictable takeoffs and landings.

one board quiver image

3BT™ shaping gives every board universal benefits. The hull-like shape of a jib board will still float better than a flat one in pow. All our boards profit from the increased edge hold of uplifted edges.

side kick image mob


side kick image


SideKick™ Tips enhance 3BT™’s advantages like nothing you experienced before. SideKick™ dramatically increases the sidebase uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain. It has to be ridden to be believed!

wallie tips image mob
side kick image


Our skate inspired WallieTips will change the way you look park features and give you added confidence when approaching obstacles.


Hollow carbon core upgrades that are inserted into the core in 3 different configurations. The hollow carbon tubes reinforce the camber and greatly increase the woodcore’s pop and reduce weight.

side kick image
  • Dual Radial
  • Dual
  • Central

Our Dual Radial Super Tube woodcore upgrade features six hollow carbon tubes parallel to the board radius for extra power transfer to the edge.

supertubes logo image supertubes image
  • Dual Radial
  • Dual
  • Central

#1 Our Dual Radial Super Tube woodcore upgrade features six hollow carbon tubes parallel to the board radius for extra power transfer to the edge.

Materials & Construction

  • Glassing
  • Lay-Ups
  • Woodcore
  • Supertubes
  • Basetech
  • Sidewall

The type and placement of fiberglass greatly influences a board’s flex and riding characteristics. Boards are built with a layer of fiberglass above and below the woodcore. We use a combination of two main types of fiberglass: biaxial and triaxial. Biaxial fiberglass has fibers running every 90 degrees. Triaxial fiberglass has fibers running every 45 degrees.

nano high speed

Our three-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern.

nano high speed

Our traditional and time tested two-way weave of fiberglass is light, strong and responsive; keeping the board snappy without adding torsional stiffness.

maintenance logo

Mountain Test Lab

The Bataleon Mountain Lodge sits deep in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Tucked away at the narrowest part of the valley at the base of towering mountains, the lodge sits between one of Europe’s best terrain parks and one of Austria’s best freeride resorts. With the mighty Dachstein Glacier around the corner, it is perfectly suited to test our gear and inventions in any conditions imaginable. We spend most of our winter at the lodge riding and testing with the team, ever dedicated to find New email settings [LPS] ways to innovate and improve our line and push the envelope in 3D snowboard shaping.

lab photo
lab photo

Maintenance & Tuning

3BT™boards can be waxed and scraped like any other snowboard. When it comes to heavier work like base grinding, we recommended it to be done by a knowledgeable tech on a machine with 3 separate rollers. Although the base has uplift, there are actually 3 flat sections so they can be ground evenly.

lab photo
lab photo

Warranty 2+1

We stand by our products. Every Bataleon snowboard is handmade, quality checked and backed by a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Register your board to make the warranty process smoother should any issues arise. www.register.lowpressurestudio.com

lab photo
lab photo