Bataleonは特許取得しているこのユニークな3Dシェイプに絶大な自信を持っています。最高のスノーボードを作り上げることを目標に、 16年間BataleonはTriple Base Technology™をアップデートしてきました。.


3BT Triple Base Technology

The Idea & Shape


Created by nature or designed by man, the most successful designs take into consideration the forces they will be submitted to. When we were developing 3BT we analyzed how snowboards look when put under pressure. What happens when you drive it through a transition or jam it through a turn? Triple Base happens. Triple Base is the pre-shaped form of a board in motion, and just like the wings of a plane or the hull of a boat is curved to perform, best your snowboard should also be shaped for its environment.


After lots of research, analyzing, tinkering, and testing, we came up with our patented 3BT shaping technique. All our boards feature tip to tail positive camber in combination with lifted contact points at the widest parts of the board. Over the years we perfected 3BT to best perform for every kind of riding by fine tuning the synergies between the flat base, side bases, radii and camber. You know you really improved something when there are only positive results.


1. 安定感を生み出すセンターベース

There is no base uplift under or between the bindings. This creates a stable area of control underfoot.


2. Uplift From Bindings To Widest Point

Sidebase uplift gradually increases outside of the bindings to the contact points. The gradual rise creates smooth transition zones for turning and buttering, and the raised contact points makes the board less susceptible to edge catch.


3. Side Kick Tip

The amount of base uplift increases dramatically after the effective edge. This draws on ship hull design and creates a planing surface with incredible float in powder, which also helps the board cut through rough terrain.

“New” Sidekick

The all new SideKick Tips enhance 3BT’s advantages like nothing you experienced before. Side Kick dramatically increases the sidebase uplift on the widest points of the nose and tail. This makes turn initiation even smoother, increases float in powder and handling of the board in rough terrain. It has to be ridden to be believed!


How it Works

Tip to tail positive camber makes the boards snappy and responsive. The turned up side bases make the board fast, playful and forgiving when riding flat based. The three dimensional shaping also makes for smoother and quicker turn initiation with less effort. The beauty of this shape lies in the fact that when you ride flat, it tracks straight and fast and when you are on edge you have full engagement with smooth radii. The boards are loose and fun when you want but the total edge engagement is always there when you need it.



When riding flat-based only the centerbase section is on the snow so the board travels fast and straight with no hooky movement or edge catch.


Turn Initiation

With a tiny amount of pressure and angle, the sidebases start to engage near the bindings, but the pressure remains constant along the contact edge.


On Edge

When on edge the 3D shaped sidecut forms a complete arc with the snow, offering unparalleled and powerful edge hold.

Why it Works

We are entering a new era in snowboard shaping. After the camber vs rocker wars and the crazy shape revolution there is still one shape standing. Triple Base was invented before all of the above and it's still here as the others begin to fade out. More and more board shapers are turning to 3D shaping, but we have the most experience with this process. Our patented 3BTTM shape works because it's three seperate flat base areas in combination with positive camber and smooth radii. The key detail is in the uplift and how its raised and bent. We continue to explore the boundless possibities evolving from the orginal idea of making a better 3D shaped snowboard..

Loaded and Lifted


Under the weight of the rider the camber is loaded,
but the edges are lifted at the tip and...



When pointing it or navigating sketchy traverses the board accelerates faster and holds more speed since the uplifted edges don’t drag.

Controlled Bite/Catch Less Edges

The uplifted edges make for a more forgiving board without sacrificing performance.


Ollies are more powerful than a cambered board because the concave shape from rail to rail in the tips loads up even more pop when compressed.


The hull-like shape of the tips has inherent floating and planing properties. Enough said.


When laid on edge, the uplifted sections along the edge form a truer more cohesive arc with the snow surface.


With less initial edge bite at the contact points, you can ride away from not-so-perfect landings rather than eating shit. And if you happen to put it down perfect, the stable centerbase locks in stomps.

Park & Jibs

The edge uplift naturally glides through kinks, wallrides, boxes, transitions and jibs without hanging up. The beveled tips have less drag and generate a smoother glide up and down transitions while still maintaining control. This means faster, smoother and more predictable takeoffs and landings.

3BT Shapes

Jib 3BT


Tuned with a true twin outline, wide centerbase and the longest section of sidebase uplift. The uplift angle is low and begins under the bindings to deliver a loose, buttery, forgiving feel with less hang-ups. The wide centerbase offers a nice and stable area to press, load up ollies and put down landings. Perfect for urban, jib and park driven riders.

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Twin 3BT


Shaped with a wide centerbase, true twin outline and base uplift that begins at the binding edge. The base uplift angle is mellow, but it still offers a loose jib feel while the wide centerbase aids stability on takeoffs, landings, in presses and at high speeds. Designed for terrain parks and overall freestyle riding.

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Evil Twin*

Asym 3BT


A uniquely balanced twin design with a wide centerbase, shorter base uplift on the heelside, and longer uplift on the toeside. This shaping matches your body’s asymmetrical shape and its increased ability to control toeside turns versus heelside. It’s a playful true twin for park and freestyle riders with maximum heelside stability.

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Twin Pow 3BT


A freestyle powder shape with the narrowest centerbase, high sidebase uplift and a true twin outline. The overall board is wider and shorter, which increases volume and maximizes float and stability. This also means you can size down and ride a more manoeuvrable board without losing stability or buoyancy. It handles powder as well as it pops, rides switch and sends side hits.

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Magic Carpet*

Freestyle 3BT


The sidebase and centerbase are equally proportionate in size and the sidebase has a medium uplift angle. The twin shape has 1cm added to the nose and features long edge contact length between the feet. This shape is the most versatile and capable in the line and has a powerful and reactive ride with freestyle tendencies and powder float.

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Flight ES*
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Push Up

Freeride 3BT


This directional shape has a narrow centerbase with more sidebase uplift area and angle in the nose than in the tail. The tapered shape, sidecut and setback stance are optimized for backseat steering, high- speed traction and maximum powder float and the narrow centerbase generates swift edge-to-edge transfer and quick powerful carves.

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The One*

Pow 3BT


Designed with a directional, tapered shaped, narrowest centerbase, and larger sidebase uplift area and angle in the nose than in the tail. The setback design provides better backseat comfort and control at speed and in powder and variable conditions. This shape and it's large nose is designed to stay afloat on the deepest of days.

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Camel Toe*
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* Featuring SideKick Tips

Triple Base Technology

Triple Base Technology

Triple Base Technology

First Generation 3BT faded out in the nose and tail ramps and had only two flavors: Twin and Freestyle 3BT

Second Generation 3BT saw the lifted areas extended to the ends of the board enhancing the benefits of 3D shaping. The outlines, 3BT and ramp shapes were updated. New 3BT flavors were introduced such as Jib 3BT, Pow 3BT, Asym 3BT and Twin Pow3BT

Third Generation 3BT Adds SideKick Tips to the mix. This is an increased uplift in the widest points of the boards dramatically increasing 3D tip dynamics.



1st Evil Twin
featuring Twin 3BT

1st Disaster
featuring Jib 3BT
1st Omni
featuring Freeride 3BT

1st Camel Toe
featuring Pow 3BT

1st ETA
featuring Asym 3BT

1st Magic Carpet
featuring TwinPow 3BT
1st 3BT Surfboard
featuring Surf 3BT

Shape update on most models with 3rd generation 3BT and the introduction of SideKick tips.