2018 Stallion

Stallionは大きな足を持っているライダーたちのために作られました。大きな足を持っている人たちが乗れるようにとてもワイドに設定されていますが、今年デビューするSideKick™ Tipsのおかげで太さを感じることなくライディングを楽しむことができるでしょう。4WDのような大きなフォルムのボードがスポーツカーのきびきびとした展開性を披露します。


161W 164W 167W
contact length (cm)117 119 121
waist width (mm) 265 268 275
setback (mm) 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 8.15 8.30 8.45
inserts 24 24 24
stance width (mm) 505-625510-630520-640
weight range (kg/lbs)75-90/165-19085-100/185-21090-100+/200-220+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail 99%Twin Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Freestyle 3BT + SideKick Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Medium Uplift

Medium Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Dynamic Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...


I am 6'2 225, and I finally found the snowboard I have been searching for my whole life. I cannot explain how amazing this board is. Handles so incredibly well, finally feel like I can fly down the mountain without the worry of catching an edge. Hands down best board ever for any large snowboarder. It is also super light which allows for so much control and it feels like you are just surfing through powder.


Great board lots of pop. Very forgiving great in powder.


Super Stable & holds a carve like you would not believe! Great fun, really fast & awesome for jumping!