2019 Carver

Utilizing 3rd Generation 3BT, we produced a hybrid carving board that will keep you stoked for seasons to come. The 3D shaping allows the Carver to have a much wider profile than typical carving boards so it's fun to ride in everyday situations. If you love riding on edge, this is the board for you.


contact length (cm)128
waist width (cm) 26.1
setback (cm) 2.5
sidecut radius (m) 8.7
inserts 24
stance width (cm)49.5-61.5


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail Directional tapered outline Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Freeride 3BT™+ SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Low Uplift

Medium Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Dynamic Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...


It's like riding a train !! This board c(a)(u)rves like it's on rails. It's faaast. I'm not the best boarder and i am surely not taking this board to the max... but it takes me to my max... and beyond...


Felt good edge to edge


Mach 10 monster, a lot of snowboard not for the faint hearted. Carves incredibly like the name implies and it's pretty much impossible to slip out of a turn. Really smooth edge to edge due to the 3BT.


The Carver is exactly what the name suggests, a carving weapon. Set this board on an edge and it will hold as far as you want to push it. Surprisingly agile for a stiffer board which could be down to the wicked tbt shape. Bottom line... point and go!!