2019 Evil Twin

There is no freestyle park board more versatile than the Evil Twin. It's no coincidence that it's been in our line since day one. Now with 3rd Generation 3BT, this legendary board, more than ever, is your go to snowboard for freestyle riding.


149 151 154 156W 157 159 159W
contact length (cm)109.6 110.3 112.5 114.2 114.7 116.7 116.7
waist width (cm) 24.7 24.6 25 26.4 25.3 25.6 26.6
setback (cm) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.7 7.8 7.9 7.9 8.1 8.2 8.2
inserts 24 24 24 24 24 24 24
stance width (cm)49.5-61.5 50-6250.5-62.551-6351-6351.5-63.551.5-63.5
weight range (kg/lbs) 57-75/125-165 57-75/125-165 59-77/130-170 61-79+/135-175+ 61-79+/135-175+ 70-88+/155-195+ 70-88+/155-195+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail Twin Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Twin 3BT™ + SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Medium Uplift

Medium Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Medium Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...


Ahhhhh amazing Never write reviews but...... I have bought an Evil Twin and it’s like nothing I’ve ridden before. Takes a bit of getting used to (10mins😂) but wow. Quick, agile. If you want a easy stable ride then it's not for you but if you want fun there's nothing like it. Daughter bought the Feel better and just as good.


Have been interested in TBT for years and decided to drink the cool aid with your Evil Twin. Lucky enough to have demo'd all types of boards i can say TBT/camber is the funnest hybrid out there. A great average resort board fun for all conditions. Playful. No catch and decently responsive when pushed. It also plows through chunder, slush with no drag or pull like traditional camber may have. Just perfect for the style of riding i like to do on the east coast USA. Now that kids are older and riding on their own I'll be stepping it up to the JAM for no holds barred resort ripping...catch me if you can!

Mugurel Bezergheanu

I have 1.76 cm and 75 kg and I use the Evil Twin 154. It's by far one of the best boards I've ever used. I tested the board at buttering and park and I can say it's impressive.

Hunter Charest

this board is a actual fucking unit! just by being near people riding this board makes them orgasm instantaneously. I swear to god the only way to heaven is a fat fucking XXL jump on this board to pearly gates. xxx


Love this board! Picked it up near the end of the Australian season to replace my Yes Basic. Only regret with the Evil Twin, not getting it sooner! Believe the hype, 3BT works. Has made a huge difference to my riding already. Shot Bataleon!

John Hubert

Best board I have ever rode in my life. Period.


I'm 77kg and 173cm (in my snowboarding boots), have been snowboarding for about 22 years and ridden a wide range of boards from a 163 Burton Johan to a 153 Salomon Villian. I've always fancied riding a Bataleon and this year bought a 154 Evil Twin. Just back from an amazing week in Engelberg and with hand on heart this is the best board I've ever owned. Jumped on it day one and it rocked, no need to get used to the TBT technology it performed like magic from the off!! I'm a total fan, we had amazing powder and with the bindings set up totally symmetrical (too lazy to shift them back) for a 154 the Twin floats like a butterfly. An awesome board 10 out of 10!!!

M. Z.

That‘s without doubt the best board I‘ve ever ridden. I‘d buy more boards from their line if I had more moolah on the side. Bataleon rocks.


On my 4th Evil Twin now, boards are sick and the construction is of suck a good quality that they last through a full season riding all day almost everyday. Tried a few different sizes depending on where I was based for the season but at the end of the day they can handle anything thrown at them.


My other board is a Jam 161 and it is ballistic. Decided to get an Evil Twin 156W and it is freakin' insane. Never had so much fun on a board in my life, it takes just about anything you want to make it do. Wider board makes for deeper carves and as its shorter and has more flex, you can spin it on a dime and get away with being a complete muppet and not end up with your face in the snow. Has to be the best board out there


The first Bataleon I tested was "the Hero" and that day I just impressed my humble self landing pretty much everything. So I got "the Enemy" which actually became my best buddy. A real charger from powder to halfpipe. Then I probably (home)made the first undi-Split-ed which I still use after 5 seasons. Now I use mainly the Camel Toe in the deep and the Evil Twin elsewhere. It's pretty versatile and I also take it off the tracks or even snowkiting. I do a lot of park laps (no steel though) and the medium flex works also for all sorts of flat tricks or endless buttering that would be impossible on a flat board. With the big comeback of carving I would say the next generation Evil Twin should be a cm wider (I use 159W already).

Jay roth

I bought this board because it looked sick. Never heard of bataleon, I figured if the board sucked I would put it on my wall. I've been riding this board four years now and I love it. This is the best board I've ever ridden, I don't think I'll ever ride anything other tha bataleon!!!!!! Fuck ya

Tyler Kinghorn

I bought the Evil Twin after riding a cheap board for three seasons. Her maiden voyage was at Sunshine Village. We rode up the gondola to the first chair, and I was surprised at how much control I had with only my front foot in the bindings. My first impression when I strapped in was the flex- she wasn't nearly as stiff as the board I had been riding. My second impression was how responsive she was when I started carving down the hill- it was effortless, as easy as breathing. I was able to switch with no problem whatsoever. Then, we hit the powder. She was able to coast through smoothly, and I was able to manage moguls pretty damn well. When we tried the park, she performed just as well. With the side bases lifted up, it was damn near impossible to catch an edge landing a jump. I'm not great at rails so I can't say much about her performance there, but all around, the best board I have ever ridden.

Jaymez Clark

When I walked into the shop asking recommendations for a board, the shop keep dived at the Evil Twin, and I can totally see why. This board is sick. End of. Stop reading reviews and go buy one.

Darren Williams – thesnowboardshop.co.uk

When I first got on an Evil Twin I thought it was going to be a soft, playful jib stick. I was wrong. It’s a medium flex, cambered snowboard with plenty of pop that is best suited to lapping the park and all-mountain freestyle. Bataleon have never entertained the concept of ‘rocker’ in their snowboards – and they don’t need to, as the side bases are lifted up from the snow at the contact points, making it almost impossible to catch an edge. It’s great for newbies, and also for riders who are trying new tricks and are sick and tired of smashing themselves to bits in the process.


I'm still riding (season 2014) my Evil Twin from 2007 and I freakin love it even more for every season. Works great on everything from rails to powder and I will never buy a new board unless it has TBT!!


I'm a level 2 CASI instructor and I would recommend a Bataleon. Great in the park and all over the mountain. I ride an Evil Twin.. sick board.


Got an Evil Twin and took it out today for the first time and it kicks more ass than Jackie Chan on speed. If I ever buy another board it will be Bataleon period.

Ryan Hargreaves

Knew I wanted one from the day I found out about these guys. Bought a 2009/10 Evil Twin 155 and love it. I tell everyone that the biggest difference is when you go back to any other board, you feel like you're gonna DIE! Bombin' 120kph on my Bataleon though... No problem.


these boards rock, i just got an evil twin and its rad, super buttery but carves like a fiend and the flex is perfect. takes a while to get used to, especially if you're riding park but its well worth it. bottom line, buy this board if you want to ride better.


Bataleon is awesome,Evil Twin best board i have ever ridden...love you guys so much getting bataleon tattoed on my leg lol


a friend of mine had one and i didnt really think much of it having not tryed it, then got one off ebay on a whim. Now i've had a few snowboards, in order, morrow, trans, salomon, burton, prior, bataleon, nidecker, seveniker(cant spell that one) by far, the bataleon is my favourite board for everything on the piste, i even found it fun off piste, and its a bloody (evil)twin park board!!!! When i come to getting a new board it will be another bataleon, infact i might get a goliath anyway, if you sold a tapered, rockerd nose pintail i would have that as well ive not met that many people on the piste with bataleons, but whenever i do we give each other a nod, and normally have the 'ill never have another snowbaord again' talk incase you have'nt guessed, im a fan

Ed Jones

Just Wow :) I first heard about Bataleon from a good Japanese friend of mine 4 years ago and hadn't seen them before, then again in NZ 2 years ago from a Czech friend. The after hearing the Helgason boys are using TBT on their boards I thought I'd give them a go. I've picked up an Evil Twin 156 Wide and it's amazing! Way faster than I thought it would be, nice and soft for mucking around, holds the edge solidly through hard carves and most importantly is a bag of fun! The TBT takes a teeny bit of getting used to, but as soon as I started charging full bore it felt just like a regular board. Can't wait to take it into the park once the Australian season goes into full swing. Thanks Bataleon! And thanks TBT!!!!


I love them. I'm a proud owner of Evil Twin and Airobic. Most of my friends ride Bataleon. We are some kind of sect i guess.


So I was at sugar bowl the other day first day back riding in a month on my brand new airobic 154 2012. someone stole it out of the back of the truck before i got a chance to use it. Bummer. but the artist series evil twin is bad to the bone and its got some chick gettin choked on it! I just rode it this weekend in grenade games but it rides really well in pow too. Keep your fluids up and smile, its snowboarding.


tried out the evil twin 11/12 154 on saturday and ordered it the same day. awesome board i love it YEAH FOR IT

Le Cornichon Volant

i bought a BATALEON EVIL TWIN two months ago, this saturday i went with my new board in french Alps. First run on the EVIL TWIN = stocked! after that, every run was so fun! the TBT makes me so confident,i'm trying new stuffs without the fear to catch edges and hurt me on the ground. Edges to edges is really fast. the board is really stable, i was like god on mountain with it! A lot of pop. and a great smile on my face all day long! i think i find THE BOARD! can wait to buy the 2012 FEELBETTER model for my girlfriend (after this day she really want try TBT), and maybe i'll think to buy the 2012 DISASTER model to complete my quiver. Thank you BATALEON for your products! So much fun. YEAH FOR IT!

Riley King

my first day, first thought on the evil twin was GODDAMN!!!! Everyday every run is still GODDAMN!!!!


ET 155 <-- Surprisingly good crud board!

Jonathan Froggatt

Ok. I'll tell it like it is. I've had 2 weeks flow on a new shape Evil Twin 154. Previous to Bataleon ive ridden other 'normal' boards. TBT is VERY different to a 'normal' board. It will take a few days to get used to ..BUT.. When you start to chill with the flavour, you'll be styling those carves and bumps like you never have before. It sound like sales patter I know, but TBT has truly for me re-defined snowboarding. Its wicked' 'tings all the way. Snowboarding should be fun and believe.. TBT will put a smile on your face.. sod, flat-base-edge 'you want some shizzle in your life.. its all about flat base-TBT-edge.. Its a new dimension. Its a beautiful ride. I got my girlfriend a 143 Distortia at the same time as my Evil Twin.. She's only been on a snowboard for 1 weeks and she's allready buttering the crap out of the mountain ;-) Sketch out landing like you never have before its all DOPE. Hit the hip-flask with your mates, mix with a couple of strong euro beers and have fun. I truly believe that TBT will open up a whole new back of tricks for the boarders out there. Gonna snap up an 151 aerobic as I want a bit more flex than the evil twin for my net trip that thankfully is very soon. The spirit of the mountain is good. F*cking YEAHFORIT!!!

Nils R.

Got my first TBT Board this year. After riding 8 years on flat boards it first felt loose and a bit strange! But after a morning of riding i got used to it and it really works. Carving and buttering goes perfectly without catching edges.. Riding the park went good too, but tail or nose grind/pressing feels different to normal flat boards..it feels better cause you're shure no egde will catch the box!!! TBT works perfect in slushy, icy and park sourroundings! Thanks Bataleon for this sick tech!! YEAH FOR IT :))) I bought the Evil Twin New Shape 154 in Mayrhofen (Zillertal) and if you're not shure if TBT works you often can rent a TBT Test board at your local bataleon dealer! But be warned..if you try it, you'll get adiccted and never will get anything else!!! YEAH FOR IT!!!


got last years project green for 2 hundo... best deal ever, snappy response, just stiff enough to be faster than chris johnson and that setback makes surfing pow mmm mmm good. nice compliment to the evil twin.

Adam Castanier

So I was finnaly able to get out on my Evil Twin. From the first time trying to strap in and it being very loose under foot I thought I would have problems with it being to loose like some of the reverse cambers on the market, but when I got up the lift and took my first ever run on TBT, I know that from that moment on I would Yeah for it. It gripped when I wanted it to and floated when I didn't want the grip. Tbt was like having a board that knew what I wanted it to do, the perfect all around mind reading board. If there was any downfall of riding Tbt it is that not everyone rides it, and I think if they did we may have world peace.


WOW!!! Went for a test ride yesterday with my new evil twin.. Normally I ride a s&$?! c@&). well, I just sold it. The evil twin is an insane board and the tbt tech realy makes it no effort catching edges, landings, curves... I LOVE MY BATALEON!! Thanx !!

Sarah W

WOW! Just ridden my brand new Evil Twin 154 on the hills behind my house in whyteleafe, Surrey UK..... the snows up to my knees.... had so much fun....love my new board.... thank you!


Hej! Just wanted to share my impression on Bataleon snowboards! I've bought (after a whole summer spent looking for a new board to buy) the Evil Twin New 154 light blue. Yesterday I finally got a chance to try it in Madonna di Campiglio, weather conditions were quite horrible, with snow storming in my face almost the whole time, as well as quite strong wind and limited visibility. Aside my bad shape, I really felt the board doing all the buttering almost by herself, I never had to worry about the edges in those nose and tail presses when going from edge to edge. Furthermore the board had a very nice pop and REALLY went up in the pow by herself, even though it were a twin tip. That aside this baby is at home in the park, been throwing 180 in and out on boxes with real ease, never worryin about catching an edge, and in underotated landings is it very forgiving as well! (saved my ass a couple of times there!) Definitely a fun board to ride, forgiving and allowing quite a lot of showing off on the crowded slopes! (not to mention that it also improved both my riding switch and confidence in trying tricks, it was just like thinking about things and suddently I could do them!) One downside? A little stiff, and of course, that I had to go home at the end of the day! Had I the chance, I'd still be there riding! Can't wait till next week!!!!!! Love the graphics by the way. And yes, I am in love with this board, thanks Bataleon! Yeah for it!!


I`m 15 years old and I`ve some problems with my knees so I can`t make big airs or something like that. I ride an 08/09 EVIL TWIN and it`s f**** great for jibbing and on rails. Sorry I`m from switzerland so my english is no very good SMILE IT`S SNOWBOARDING :D


hey guys, Until last year I never rode a Bataleon board. I was skeptical. But the first Ride with the Evil Twin was killin me. This Board is the best i`ve ever ridden! TBT is fuckin great! thanx guys and greetz from germany.

Griffin Asher

Yewwww I Rode An Evil Twin last season in The Canadian Rockies and i will be riding another one this season. hands down best thing ive ever ridden. check out some videos of me riding and listen to some of my music at www.myspace.com/griffinasher


Would never ride anything but Bataleon now. I'm an intermediate, but snowboarding always seemed harder work than skating used to be. Soon as I got me a 157W Goliath it was just like skating bowls back in the 80s - no worries about edges catching, just focus on the next move. As a beginner to kickers and rails etc it made such a difference to be able to just think where you wanted to go and hit it straight, plus not worry about slightly sketchy landings knowing I could stick it and ride out clean. Knowing this means you soon actually start riding clean too. Had to sell my Goliath unfortunately but now got a 10/11 Evil Twin on order!

simon cockerham

ive just recieved this years airobic, i have been mourning the death of my evil twin (or mortal wounding due to a service by snow and rock uk) it was a board which has given me the confidence to hit the piste/off piste alike, hard and confidence to start doing small jumps and stuff, grinds are easy, im normally a free rider, thanks to bataleon ive decided to hit the park this year! Thanks for all the good work!


TBT... what can't I say about TBT! It makes for one of the best boards I have ever ridden. I have owned B****n boards for over a dozen years. Some kits costing as much as 2 grand. However, this year was different. A new shop opened up in my city, selling brands that no one else carries... Bataleon, being one of them. So I picked myself up a 155 ET artist edition and WOW!!!! took a day to really get used to it after a decade of flat base riding. The thing rips like a bat out of hell... the edge transition is lightning quick... you wished every other board rode this good after floating down a pow line. oh yeah, it butters like the dirty offspring of two spoons and a hunk of plywood's drunken sex romp. But seriously, everything Bataleon claims it does, IT DOES. Just be prepared to wax more often as edge burn is a daily occurance, maybe from going so fast :P YEAH4IT

TBT Believer!!!

Preface: I am an ok park rider & intermediate-advanced all mountain rider. I am not a professional reviewer, but I thought I would share this anyway. I currently have the green and black 07-08 Evil Twin 159/Union setup that I have ridden for 3 years. It is awesome and I love the board. The 59 is a little long for me, so Im sizing down for next year. I had never ridden a rocker type board before today and wanted to check out first hand what all the BS is about. Here is my review of Mervin BTX vs Burton Vrocker vs Burton Camber vs TBT. Today I rode a 57 Lib TRS BTX, 57 Burton X8 with v-rocker, and 58 Easy Livin (cambered version); 2 weeks ago I did a Bataleon Airobic 155 demo. I wanted to demo an Easy Livin Flyin V but I couldnt find one anywhere. The Lib was fun. Poppy, easy to butter, a little unstable at speed though. Pop was great and the BTX was very pronounced. Also, the WW was too narrow for me. Pass... The X8 Vrocker was extremely fun but very very soft. A little too soft for me I think. Softer than the Airobic for sure which is very flexy. A bad ass Burton Pro named Stefan Maurer pushes this thing around "like wo" in the pirates film Jolly Roger. Chorlton is a "pirate", so all you Bataleon fans should watch it for his footy anyway... The Burton 58 Easy Livin was my least favorite of all these. Good pop, stiff tail, twin shape, good response to binding movement, but felt heavy. I wanted to hit a couple of the med-to-big jump lines today, but the damn visibility was like 10 feet and it just wasn't safe. It actually felt quite a bit heavier than the X8 and the Lib. Maybe due to the size, maybe b/c I was getting tired. I really wanted to demo a Flyin V version of this board to compare, but they are elusive I guess. After this demo day,I will never go back to a regular flat based board ever again!!! I am leaning toward a 2011 Bataleon Airobic 55 (great work Bataleon graphic's department)/Union Contact kit for next year. The 55 Airobic is a PERFECT park board IMO. For SoCal mtns, it is all I could ever ask for. I will prob also get a Riot for when I am ready to step it up a notch... I was concerned about the Airobic base speed wise, but I was flying past other riders all day. I loved the weight, flex, and playfulness. The Airobic was "jibaliscious" and "buttertastic" (not my words, but true nonetheless). If you have not tried a Bataleon, go find one and do it. TBT is a totally different feel vs all other flat based boards. I actually saw a kid with the 2011 Artist Edition (must be a team rider I guess) who was killing it at Bear Mtn... For all those haters out there, dont open your mouth if you have never ridden a Bataleon. GO FIND ONE TO RIDE AND YOU WILL BE A CONVERT!!! Anyway, these were my thoughts from today. Thought Id share...

Owain ap Gruffydd

Its snowing heavily here in Livigno, Italy. Free day tomorrow OH WHAT JOY. Will be snowboarding on my new ET all day in fresh powder, just cant wait.


This afternoon I exchange my Airobic with my friend's one. After the first track, he decided to throw away his Apo Selekta and to get a Bataleon. He just bought an Evil Twin this evening. Bataleon sucks !!!


I ride on an Evil twin... it's so smooth an easy to ride... It's a true twin so you can ride both sides which is good to progress. Et le PALUM, you've got your Goliath???? YeaH for it


finally i got to ride my evil twin yesterday so smooth and buttery i didn't catch a edge best board i have ever had and its fun to ride yeah for it!!!

Jackson Diamond

First day on rails with the evil twin. Talk about butter smooth. I added two new tricks to my bag today. Confidence all day long.


Got my Evil twin 155 last season and tried it in Val Thorens France It was love at first site and fXXXX awesome on the first ride!! (this board just keeps smiling at me...)


OMG FINALLY I CAN RAVE THE SHIT OUTTA THIS THING!! TBT IS AMAZING i was so stoked to get my hands on the last '09 Evil Twin on sale in the summer, used it today. I DID NOT catch an edge. EVER. first time i went down the hill, i didnt even realize how much flex that mofo had until i bailed on my back from pressing too far over! I ended up going way more balls out than i usually do! PLUS I LANDED ERRYTHING!!! SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT TBT HELL-TO-THE-YEAH FOR IT!!

Guy from Latvia

For the last 2 seasons I have ridden 2 evil twins. The white and green one. Stoooked! I go so smooth down the boxes.. no catching at all! Speed at all times, great pop and durability. I'm riding round 90 days in the year (thanks for global warming) and every time I'm thankful for TBT. Next evil twin 155 - I'm coming! Great job Bataleon

Espen M

I have been riding my Evil Twin for two seasons now, so i though it was time to get a new board.. A new Evil Twin of course! TBT really has improved my riding skill, and i dont believe that I will ever actively use another brand! Thanks Bataleon!


feedback? . . . . ahahaha i have an Airobic, the MJ, an Enemy and i'm going to buy the E.T. . . . make your choice! Great MrB we love u! ciccio's family


It's that time of year again! Love my evil twin. Splendid board. Yeah for it!


My girlfriend bought me the evil twin for my birthday. Lets just say this board is the Rolls Royce of boards. I feel like I'm riding on a cloud. I've had about six different boards and this one by far is the best.


So I've just taken delivery of my Evil Twin - Rode a mate's (Yeah Tilly) last season for two hours and it changed my life! Roll on winter!


tbt is so amazing, i will always ride bataleon after my first ride in the mountain on my evil twin, so damn smooth!


What can i say more? tbt is awesome that all ! i love my evil twin and never more other boards !


I love my evil twin, I will always ride bataleon!



Justin Hawk

I snowboard every single day during the winter and have ridin a lot of boards. Now every board has there different techs. but by far the best I have riden is Bataleon (That gay Burton Hero that stole TBT and Bananna Tech is a poser) I have a 157W Goliath, 155 Airobic, and a 151 Evil Twin and each has taken a beating and never let me down. Just make the easy choice and choose Bataleon. Cause when it comes down to it do you wanna be one man or part of a Bataleon!

shaun from uk

after a lot of research between reverse camber and tbt i bought an evil twin, WOW! the board is ace... let 2 of my mates ride it and they're converted and will be gettng their own soon.. now all i want is the yellow beanie...


just got my evil twin - can't wait to try it out this weekend!

Diego from italy

Evil Twin 09, is a dream come true!!!


I rode the Evil Twin 155 the whole winter season in the Alps...it's the first time i own a TwinTip board and it's fucking amazing!!!! I've started freestyle at the beginning of the season (i've ridden like a month this year) and it's really astounding how i improved fast. I can do the 4 180s,both normal 3-6, Frontflip (fucking scared of backflip for the moment :p), ride switch and do a lot shitty ground tricks.... I've no idea whether it's because of your board but thankz a lot though. I can't wait for next season! Cheers Bataleon =]


I used to ride realy stiff freeride boards that were good for hi speeds but were terrible for jumping. I bought an Evil Twin and I can't believe how good this thing is. It's not the prettiest board, but I managed to do some tricks now that I didn't dare trying on my Nitro Pantera.

Rick H

I got my Evil Twin 151 and rode it in Snowworld Landgraaf, Netherlands. I have never rode fake before, but now I could do that immediately!! I love you guys!! Yeaah for it!!

Why not

U guys brought fun back to snowboarding. First time i feel really really sad that the season ends. Evil Twin in park, the Riot in Pow. Heaven. I let my friends try my TBT's, and they're all want to buy a Bataleon now. Ur welcome but most of all; thank u and if there would be a Nobel-prize for snowboarding, i think we all know who should win it... B is for Bataleon

Fr de Counques

I've got the evil twin for 3 months. that's just awesome!!! love tbt and bataleon!!!


just got an evil twin ltd, can't wait to try it out this weekend


I have evil twin 159 and now I can do fs, bs, cab, sw bs 540... I don't want another board! twin-tip with tbt is the best, thanks guys

simon cope

Just got back from a stint in France, using my new Evil Twin. Life is good with TBT! Everything is so much more enjoyable - even wiping out makes you laugh! I'm proud to own a Bataleon board, and will sing your praise to anyone who bothers listening! Woooooop!!!


This is my second season and i have an evil twin and it is truly awesome. bataleon is mint.

Gavin Breeze

Just bought a Evil Twin, was worried i wouldn't like the TBT tech after 9 years of riding traditional boards, but loved it! All boards should be made this way!