2019 Goliath

The Goliath combines power, precision, and agility into a freestyle, all mountain shape that will keep you happy no matter what the conditions. Featuring third generation 3BT, this fan favorite is now better than ever.


153 156 159 158W 161W 164W
contact length (cm)110.7 112.9 115.1 114.4 116.5 118.7
waist width (cm) 24.9 25.2 25.5 26.3 26.5 26.8
setback (mm) 0 0 0 0 0 0
sidecut radius (m) 7.8 7.9 8.1 8 8.2 8.3
inserts 24 24 24 24 24 24
stance width (cm) 48-6049-6149.5-61.550-6253-6553.5-65.5
weight range (kg/lbs) 59-77/130-170 61-79/135-175 70-88/155-195 70-88/155-195 75-93+/165-205+ 77-95+/170-210+


Beginner Advanced Expert Elite


Soft Stiff


Jibs Park Freestyle All Mtn Powder


Outline Shape

Tail 99% Twin Nose

Triple Base Shape

Tail Freestyle 3BT™ + SideKick™ Nose

Sidebase Uplift

Tail Medium Uplift

Medium Uplift Nose

Camber Profile

Tail Medium Camber Nose

Carbon Placement

Tail Nose

Don't Believe us...

Ryan J Turner

Been riding my Goliath 59 for two seasons now and love it more every day. This deck is incredibly versatile, from spring slush to decent amounts of fresh (if it gets deeper, setting back the stance works fine though it definitely isn't 'pow specific'). It is a beast between the feet, and inspires sending side hits/drops/jumps with a ton of speed and confidence. The tip and tail are a touch softer, and thanks to this on slower days/mellower features it can behave a lot looser than you'd think a board with this camper would. For a one board daily resort driver, this is tough to beat. Also it hauls.

Joseph Lippens

I love this board! Responsive and snappy, but still fun. Laying it on edge, Side hits, jumps, cruising in the trees, it covers it all. Hard to find boards that you can be this aggressive with that are still forgiving. This is my first 3BT experience and it didn't take long at all to get used to it. Now I love it.

Rou Chater

I was torn between the Whatever and the Goliath for my first season in a long time and in the end, chose the Goliath as I figured I wanted to be going home a better rider. After 4 months this board is still rocking and hasn't skipped a beat once. It's been through the park, on the pistes, up the mountains and down the steeps in the backcountry. From groomers to fresh pow it's been immense. TBT is unreal, so forgiving and fun to ride, the board has good speed and is stable and yet fun to throw around. A little stiff for park and jib fun, but that's not my vibe anyway. If you want an epic stick for freeride adventures all over the mountain that can carve up pistes better than a sushi chef slices fresh tuna this is it... Props to Bataleon, best boards ever, once you've gone Bat you won't go back...


I used to ride Bataleon boards and then went down the rocker, cam rock ideas of other brands for a few seasons. Ultimately I've returned to 3BT after a spell on a Jones board with the its new spoon shaping. It reminded me of the all the good things TBT offered me 'back in the day', but I wanted to go back to something more fun and forgiving to improve buttering, switch and generally dicking around on the snow. The Goliath delivers in spades. It's fast enough to keep pace with who I need to and offers so much fun by the bucketload when things get relaxed after the beer. The new sidekicks are insanely good for edge hold compared to my previous Bataleon boards. And this is without the hang-ups I've had with other brand's magnatraction and underbite tech. Don't overthink it ... it works and is a large leap forward for 3BT boards. The board doesn't feel washy in the slightest, even on the flat, which is where I was a little nervous after older Bataleon boards. There's definitely been progressive improvement in the last few years and you can feel it where it matters- under your feet. It's also super loose when you want it to be - responding very well to variable edge pressure and rider input. Predictable in a good way, but never boring. I would hands down say it's the easiest board I've ridden switch, 3BT just can't be beaten for letting you get away with shit other decks would destroy you on. It's nice off kickers too - weirdly stable landing and super inspiring for confidence. Thanks Bataleon - you've truly outclassed everyone again with this board. I'm back home for good this time.


Very satisfied with the Goliath 159, coming from a Burton Clash 160. Last year (may 2016) I tested the Bataleon Evil Twin for an afternoon and was really impressed how playful and reliable it was. My weight: 70kg. My height: 180cm. Right now I've been on the Goliath for about 24 hours in total. It took me about a day to really get comfortable with it. I guess I'm kind of a versatile rider so I like to break it down in 3 subjects: 1. Floating on top of powder is really easy, the board listens very well when initiating turns. 2. Very reliable at higher speed on icy groomers; enough grip and confidence. 3. Switching stances, buttering, flatlanding is really fun on this board. It is kind of forgiving, light and flexible enough.


The Goliath felt cruisey and easy going at low speed on the piste. It had plenty of power and pop when carving and was stable through out the turn. All in all a solid all mountain cruiser.

J. Cooper

Awesome board. I am 6ft3 and found this board great in the park aswell as an all mountain! Definitely would be looking to purchasing one!


When Popping in an off the piste the Goliath is amazing with the triple base makes it nice and easy to change edges. Because it's a stiffer board when it's on that edge it locks in and just rips away.


2014 Goliath is perfect for the deep pow here at Bigwhite. Triple base is making me ride like a pro! My kids agree to ride with me again.


The 2013-14 Goliath is an amazing board!I did my first proper 360 on it. So STOKED!!!!. BATALEON is AWESOME AND THE TBT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have never felt so comfortable going so fast through so much terrain as I do on my Goliath. Two seasons into it, it's tough as hell, and it lets me cover the entire mountain (e.g, all of Whistler / Blackcomb) without ever feeling sketched out. I would never put anything else on my feet.


I just bought the bataleon goliath 156cm and tried it last week on perfect spring conditions in French alpes . TBT is amazing, that's a pure feeling . I have tried it and I keep it ! never ride such a thing, the best I ever tried.


Bought a 2012 Goliath intending to just ride it on powder but it goes everywhere on the mountain. No more catching edges and the board looks sick. TBT is where its at!

Comme Erçial

Just got a 2013 Goliath and after riding it for a while i would def pay full price and beyond for this board. It's perfect as an all round stick.


I worked as a snowboard instructor for an entire season on my Goliath. An amazing board. Could teach students from every diffrent level with it, beginner, powder, carving and park. The board also made me ride much better. One little downside, the deck damages a bit faster than other boards. This however has ofcourse no influence on the riding. Thanks alot! from Amsterdam


Who is Jack Burton, and why does he made those second class-boards? Went to Kronplatz (Italy) with my Goliath. Just Amazing!! Its the perfect Board if you want to carve on the pists and have fun in the park. The TBT saved me a few bad landings and the pop is super!!! Yeah for it!


Hey guys. . . . . Finally got to use my Goliath in Sauze d'oh, Italy. What can i say. . . Simples. Best feeling ever. One amazing board and its not just the tbt as the pop is awesome. Bataleon is my only board of choice! Cheers guys dont sway from the tbt on ALL your boards.

Ben Goliath

Hi Dudes! Bought a 2011 Goliath wide 161 and I LOVE this piece of Wood... So Amazing. First uncommon feeling...than my face showed the same smile as on your hoods...now I understand your claim "Smile!" Before I rode a n&*^o t#$m wide (good board) but the goliath floats better, is easier and more relaxed to ride, esp. on "ziehwege" (Hate them!!) only on Powder i hadnt yet the chance to try, but im sure it´ll work as fine as on all other conditions! I BELIEVE! Dudes, great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan, Banff

I just started boarding this year. While checking around local ads, I came across an 08 Goliath with the clockwork orange graphic(wicked flick). Anyway been out about 10 times now, and switched up with one of my friends boards for a few runs. it was a ride something or other. anyway I kept catching edges and it just wore me out after a few runs. I am glad to be riding TBT goliath and will be buying a new goliath this year. Thanks Bataleon!


I used to ride B%#}+n c^%#]*m and loved the board, but last year I decided I fancied giving the Goliath a go after reading the reviews, so I popped down to my local store and bought one. I took it over to Tignes and it was fantastic, we had deep powder and the board was excellent. After that I took it over to Morzine/Avoriaz where the conditions were icy and the piste compacted hard. Again the Goliath held it's own and it kept me upright on some hard runs. I'm a convert to this type of board and recommend if you haven't tried it then give it a go, it truely is an all mountain classic.

Mike H

After 13 years of riding I was curious enough to buy a Goliath 57 this year. I'd read that it might feel a bit sluggish from edge to edge but frankly that's crap. Just back from 3Valleys where its seen powder, corduroy, icy moguls and kickers and it made mincemeat of the lot. Can't wait to ride it again and would highly recommend TBT to anyone. Good work guys.


This friday I finally rode my Bataleon Goliath 153 that I bought last year. Let me say that TBT is simply amazing!!! The advantages of camber with none of the disadvantages. The catch-free sensation is beyond belief. Next year i'm surely getting a Disaster 148 and maybe a Undisputed 161. Yeah for it!


love my 2011 goliath!


Just rode my Goliath for the first time at sierra. I gotta say I don't think i will be going back. the TBT is amazing. the edge to edge is effortless so fun and fast. im with Bataleon forever! you need to buy a bataloen!


Bought a 2008 Goliath 164w second-hand and have just got back from riding it all over Val d'Isere. Unbelievable experience and had such a great week of boarding. Will be upgrading to the 2012 model next year f'sho! Thanks Bataleon

Ad O

I wanne say thanx for giving me the fun back in snowboarding. I have a goliath its a perfect board. Keep up the good work. Ad

Jaydoh & Olga

We LOVE TBT. OK. I got us set up with a Violenza for my lady and a Goliath 164 for myself. It took one day on TBT to fall in love. My Goliath is easily the best snowboard I have ever ridden. Handles anything at speed. Perfect flex, Waist width - Looks are killer. It just makes snowboarding more FUN. That's what it's all about. I found it super easy to spin, butter what have you. I could do more on that board with less effort than my previous ride. Whistler has some pretty big terrain and TBT made it super fun to ride pretty much anything that came our way. Cheers!


My Bataleon 09/10 Goliath is the best board ive ever ridden. Used to have B)$^&*s back in the day and they suck so much. My friends all have L@#$s and I just laugh at them when they go on about their fruit shaped boards. After riding TBT you will never go back. Felt weird when I started- kinda like surfing. But in a very good way. Snowboarding is much more fun now.


i`ve got a 08/09 goliath. it`s three years old an still great thank you bataleon and mr. rodriegez you suck


superyeah for it! bataleon goliath is THE snowboard!! TBT works great and it's the funniest board ever EVER tried! a stupid smile on my face all day long while riding my bata!! YOUU ROCK!

Alex Garcia

Ok, so here's my story. I was able to take my Goliath 157 out on Thanksgiving up in norcal when they got that 8 foot dump. No park riding, just pow. It was sketchy. I wasn't used to it. I didn't know if I made the right choice. I was scared! Then, this past weekend I FINALLY made it out to big bear and KILLED it. A solid two day binge of park riding. It felt like last season never ended! First try, front 7's, front 9's and finally, after being frustrated all last season, some corked 5's! TBT, it's no joke! I'm stoked on the season and glad this Godsend of a board is mine. YEAHFORIT!!!


Just back from Folgarida with my new Goliath 157! Great board! Had fun both in powder and making tricks my friends! I will test it soon in the Madonna di Campiglio's snowpark. Thx!


TbT is the only way to sshhhhhrrreeeeeddd!! i have been riding bataleon boards they first started i think.?! first bataleon board i ever tried, was a prototype called HITURN, heavy board, but good, then i had the first enemy and the first hero board. hero was awsome, i still got it, and its awsome to ride! then i got the ewil twin, also awsomwe, had a friend who work with bataleon, so i got a little hook up, that was when i feel in love. the goliath! aaaahhhhhh maaaan, that board is the shit, funnies board ever made. i had that board for 2 years before i bought the fun.kink. fun kink and the goliath is the perfect snowboards for me, super soft, mad flex, and ofc, TBT! as long as i got that, i dont need a super good park, or tons of pow, all i need is a hill with snow, and my bataleon. keeps me so stoked on snowboarding!! YEAH FOR IT!!!!

marcel stevens

i am loving the nz edition buzzy bee board (goliath) going from my neanderthal plank of wood to this has improved mt riding tenfold! highly recommend bataleon! tbt is the s@#t


Damn, been riding the good stuff for a couple of years now, last week I had to rent a board (no tbt) and man I missed my goliath! Waiting for the winter now, so I can ride again. YEAH for that!


Would never ride anything but Bataleon now. I'm an intermediate, but snowboarding always seemed harder work than skating used to be. Soon as I got me a 157W Goliath it was just like skating bowls back in the 80s - no worries about edges catching, just focus on the next move. As a beginner to kickers and rails etc it made such a difference to be able to just think where you wanted to go and hit it straight, plus not worry about slightly sketchy landings knowing I could stick it and ride out clean. Knowing this means you soon actually start riding clean too. Had to sell my Goliath unfortunately but now got a 10/11 Evil Twin on order!


After a few years trying out lots of different boards, I was unable to find anything I truly felt comfortable on and started to wonder if I should learn to ski. That changed when I picked up a used 09 Goliath and headed off to Tignes for the week. So forgiving, goes exactly where you want without thinking, very quick edge to edge, great float in powder, no chance of catching an edge on anything... I'm completely sold. I have rediscovered my snowboarding mojo. Thanks Bataleon!


I have just returned from a weeks in Austria with my new 153 Goliath. I can only ride once a year and have been looking for a new board that can do it all and push me onto new things. I was blessed with dump’s of fresh snow and explored the mountain in ways I had only previously dreamt of, driven by confidence and control that TBT gives you. Don’t believe the hype, try it yourself and you will understand.


In 2008 I rented a Goliath at an amazing local ski shop in Les Deux Alps. I really loved the board, so this year I have bought a 2010 Goliath and took it to 3 Vallees. Well, for someone that snowboards 1 week per year, hitting the park, bomb downhill every type of run and float in miles of offpiste fields (first powder ever!), I only have to thank God there is Bataleon! TBT is the Maradona of Snowboard!! Move your ass from the couch and GET ONE! NOW!!!

tomas Strooband

This year i bought a goliath 153. I love it. Its stable when carving and so fun to play whit on low speed :).

Johan Nilsson

Its the second season im riding the Goliath, I love it. Im getting a Fun.Kink for next season. Gah, such a long wait. You need to post some videos where someone is riding the 10/11 Fun.Kink! I want to see it in action! =)

Alex Zartman

I bought a 2009 Goliath 161. I have used it now for 7 days in Utah, Colorado and Vermont. All I can say is this is the fastest, best handling board I have ever ridden. It turns super fast, it rides even faster...perfect for those long flats when traversing the mountains on the cat tracks. I used all temp rub on wax after every session. This board seems bullet proof. I plan on sticking with TBT for a long time coming. Yeah for it!

Smile Contest Winner

I got the Goliath 157 wide and I would have to say so far it is sick. I live in the midwest and it has been super icy lately and a problem I have had with every other board i owned was washing out alot but this board just grabs the ice love it... Spins are easier and never catch and edge. So far I would say overall this board is great and tbt rocks lets hope when I get in some other conditions it performs just as well. my only complaint so far would be the base gets dry really fast but just have to wax a little more then usual no big deal.


wow, just used my goliath today and tbt is legit. no edge catches and the confidence it gives you WILL make you a better rider, much better


TBT is some real shit! having never rode on a bataleon i copped and rode my 153 goliath and it ripped every part of the mountain i took it on. truly an all mountain board. and DEFINITELY a new repeat customer


I tried my 157w Goliath yesterday and im sooooo stoked!!! TBT is Worldchanging.. it gives so much confidence in doing anything.. even Powder was soooo easy (im 190cm and 85kg). TBT helps landing spins and sketchy landings. Believe what the peoples saying on this site.. cause its TRUE!!! Bataleon YEAH FOR IT!!! Customer FOREVER!


Ok. So I never had a snowboard of my own. I otok the plunge and after years of wanting - i bought a bataleon. Let me tell you the Goliath 2010 is ridiculously AWESOME.....Took it to Espace Killy and did i rip it up?? YES...did i ever catch an edge, no, did i ride on the flat like a surfer - hell yes. riding was a joy, it popped, it rode fast. it is and was beautiful. it has a few scratches on the top surface, but by god i am the happiest snowboarder alive. Thank you Bataleon


Bought a 157w Goliath 2010 and a 164 Goliath 2009.. Stoked to try them and try TBT :-) Feedback will follow for sure! Gruß ais FFM

Kyle O

I started using the 157 Goliath at the beginning of the 09-10 season and Im blown AWAY. I have never had a smoother ride in my life.I have been using Ride and Burton and I am likely to NEVER GO BACK. I have taken this board all over from Whistler/Blackcomb to Kirk Wood. The TBT technology is unlike anything out there. I LOVE IT. Im currently waiting for my 155 Riot to come. SO pumped.


Just bought a Goliath cant wait to test it this weekend, Actually couldnt sleep the day I bought it!


I'm definitely not the world's best rider ... but maybe that's what the board excuses - it all seems so much easier and more fun!!! getting ready for my next tbt board (goliath 153) - can't wait. try it out & judge for yourself




My goliath 09/10 is great! Thanks to the TBT my landings are so smooth. TBT is definitly better than ROCKER!! Some of the rocker boards are sketchy/slippery in sketchy landings, especially at kickers and jumps. In the style of the TBT and the goliath and all the other bataleon stuff, even softgoods and presentation you simply see that bataleon is made for and by lovers THANKS TBT!!


just got my goliath and am sooo pumped!!! looks fly as can be and from what i can tell triple base is the way to frickin go! have not yet gotten to ride it, but cant wait ahhh! definitely give a yeah-for-it!

Chris F

TBT = Awesome. Decided it was time for a new board, been riding a 08/09 155 Riot for about a year now and i was in my mind that TBT wasn't all that, so i went off to my local board shop and demoed everything in the store almost, Rocker Boards, Camber Boards, Rocker/Camber Boards, Fruit related boards and then i took the Goliath out and was instantly proved that TBT is the best. The only board i tried to put a smile on my face the whole time. TBT is the only way forward and bought a 157 there and then.

in regards to below

that's because it is!!! once you ride that goliath you'll fuckin know!

Dennis McGowen

I have been snowboarding for a long time and always wondered why snowboards were shaped like skis. I do engineering for a living and have long thought that snowboards needed a serious rethinking to progress forward and POW! Here comes Bataleon with the TBT and I almost cried with joy when I saw the design......they have fixed all of the flaws with the current day snowboard design. I bought a Goliath for me, a Goliath for my youngest son, and a Funkink for my oldest son and I can honestly say that we will never ride any other kind of board! Bataleon for life!

paul evans

went in to loaded in addorra in 2006 to get a new board. the guys there let me take a goliath for a demo, awesome, bought one at the end of the day there and then. have'nt since or ever will ride anything but bataleon. cheers guys you changed the way i ride forever ;-)

Ross Langley

Just bought the new 2010 Goliath from TSA and its fantastic. The best purchase I've ever made. You guys are God like! TBT is life changing. Many thanks.

Shaun W from Cambridge

Yes! My 09 Goliath is on the way! Tried my friends Fun Kink a couple of seasons back and have been looking at my board in disgust ever since.

Tom Gaunt

Awesome job on TBT. I have an 08 Goliath and I will never look back, I make all my friends try it out. the 161W is perfect for me, Pow, park and fast fast piste. Bataleon are awesome!!

Justin Hawk

I snowboard every single day during the winter and have ridin a lot of boards. Now every board has there different techs. but by far the best I have riden is Bataleon (That gay Burton Hero that stole TBT and Bananna Tech is a poser) I have a 157W Goliath, 155 Airobic, and a 151 Evil Twin and each has taken a beating and never let me down. Just make the easy choice and choose Bataleon. Cause when it comes down to it do you wanna be one man or part of a Bataleon!

Jeremy Poirier Claflin

just got the 09 GOLIATH it is extraaaaeeeme!!! would you ride a flat girl? no. so why ride a flat board? awww yeaaaa, nuff said

Ryan C

I had a chance to take the Goliath out to Killington on Saturday 21st and Sunday the 22nd. Saturday the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Temp was mid 40's and the snow was nice and soft and not slushy. Snow was quite amazing. On Sunday we got hit with snow. It was about 30 degrees out and we got 7"-8" of snow. So what I am trying to say is that I basically got to take the board out on every condition there was: soft snow, ice, hard pack, some slush, and POW. Bottom line....This board killed it all. It held an edge on ice extremely well, floated in the POW, and had absolutely no chatter at speed. Not to mention it has awesome flex and pop. Can't wait to take it out again this weekend! YEAH FOR IT!


Just got back from riding my new Goliath for the first time. I'm afraid it's all true! Buy one, believe the hype. YEAH FOR IT!!!


i bought goliath 161 and ride it with burton triad bindings. This board is awsome, just what i needed. For slope cruise, powder, park jumps and can handle rails too. big ups!!!