Waxing with Mr. B

Grinding Instructions

Bataleon recommends using wintersteiger machines for stone grinding a triple base board. Wintersteiger* has several types of stone grinding machines with a rubber coated cylindrical feeding wheel over the stone. The feeding wheel pulls the board over the stone, and at the same time presses it to the stone. The feeding wheel has 3 parts, which can easily be removed one at a time. To stone grind a triple base board, 2 out of 3 parts of the feeding wheel must be removed. Only one part of the feeding wheel is in use.

* Reichmann also offers stonegrinding machines with this kind of feeding wheel.

1. Remove 2 of the 3 feeding wheels

2. Stonegrinding the side base. Position the remaining feeding wheel at one side of the machine. Run the board through the machine, allowing the remaining feeding wheel to press over the steel edge about 5 cm of the board. The rest of the wheel doesn't touch the board. Avoid the feeding wheel pressing on the inside bend between the bases. Apply half of the pressure used for a flat board for front and rear sections of the side bases. Apply even less pressure on the flat section between the bindings.

3. Stonegrinding the side base on the opposite side flip your board around and do the same thing for the other side of the board.

4. Stonegrinding the middle part of the base place the feeding wheel in its middle position. Apply 40% of the pressure used for a flat board for front and rear section. Apply same pressure as with a flat board at the section between the bindings where the board is flat from edge to edge.


If you want to get the most out of your base you will have to wax it regularly. TBT wax has been designed especially for Triple Base snowboards. TBT's lifted sidebases have different angles to the snow than the flat center base. This causes different friction values. When you apply TBT wax you optimize each base section for the ultimate glide!

Cold wax


23° F /12° F : -5°C /-11°C
Dark blue wax for the side bases Light blue wax for the center base

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All temp wax


28° F /12° F : -2°C /-11°C
Purple wax for the side bases Pink wax for the center base

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Warm wax


32° F /26° F : 0°C /-3°C
Red wax for the side bases Orange wax for the center base

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